Guzzi Days 2001

Guzzi Riders are waiting in front of the Factory

There was a lot of people in front of the
Moto Guzzi Factory, this morning.
The train of Guzzi Riders
was over 30 meters long.
More than half an hour
before passing the main door

Moto Guzzi Chopper

It was the
"Sturgis" of Moto Guzzi
(proportionately speaking)
8 500 Guzzi Riders registered
at the visit of the Factory.
Between 14 000 et 15 000 Guzzi Riders
in Mandello del Lario
(Information from Moto Guzzi Spa)

Moto Guzzi Factory

It is the story of a guy

John is from South Africa. One day,he takes the plane to Amsterdam : 11 hours flight. He borrows the Guzzi side-car of his brother, who is living in the tulips' country, and travels to Mandello del Lario. It's so I met an Afrikaner at the 80th Anniversary of Moto Guzzi ..See you in five years, John, at the 85th Anniversary !