moto guzzi dragster

Lario 110

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Andrea Lario 110 cc , Paolo friend
You take two
Moto Guzzi Lario motors,
you put them on line
(the second - behind the first one)
and you will have a "dragster"
A lot of you have seen - and heard -
it in the town

Dragster Moto Guzzi

Paolo and the "Macchina"

Dragster Moto Guzzi

a Hell look

At rear, a tire, 175 / 165 / 14,
a rake ....., you let the frame
on the ground !
a - what people have seen as -
front brake
no similarity with a Lario 110 cc

Dragster Moto Guzzi

Two carburators Dell Orto 18
and the "Macchina" starts !