The Eagles at the Stelvio

Opening of the most important
Italian International Motorcycle Meeting

Saturday 5th July 2003
Sunday 6th July 2003

GMG 2003 Registration
The International Meeting at the Stelvio Pass, in its 28th edition this year, will be the perfect way for Moto Guzzi to welcome Guzzi riders from the North of Europe to the start of a whole week of events in the company of Eagles
In recent years the Stelvio Meeting itself has also become an event not to be missed in the Moto Guzzi calendar
The Hotel Folgore on the Stelvio Pass will be hosting Moto Guzzi’s welcome stand at which the new Breva 750 will be on display
A Moto Guzzi Information Point distributing the week’s official programme will be based in Sondalo, where there will also be a campsite.
Everybody registering for GMG 2003 at Guzzi’s stand on the Stelvio Pass will be offered a free lunch in the hotel’s tavern
The Breva 750 will be one of the centres of attention for these two days and will be given as a prize to the lucky winner chosen from among the Meeting’s participants

It will not be permitted to camp in the Public Gardens of Mandello del Lario in the period from the 6th to the 9th July. It is allowed to camp between 10th to 13th of July.
The GMG International Meeting is held during the peak tourist season
For information on available camp sites in the town,
please go to one of the Moto Guzzi Information Points open throughout the event
Also look at Tourisme Guzzi Days

The Eagles at the Monza Speedway

Monday 7th July 2003

Camping del Autodromo di Monza

GMG 2003
This Day belongs to the Sports Guzzis

Starting at 9.30, sessions of around 25 minutes each will be opened to a maximum of 50 motorcycles at a time
Bikes will be classified according to age: Veteran (up to 1969), Classic (up to 1989) and Modern (from 1990 to the present day)
The last morning and evening sessions will be dedicated to racing/prototype machines (built from 1970 on). These sessions will be led by the MGS 01, which can be thus be admired in its natural habitat - the race track
At the end of the morning and evening sessions, the track will be opened to all participants, whatever Guzzi machine they have, for 2 laps of honour
Participants will be able to book road tests of Moto Guzzi’s 2003 range of motorcycles
in the paddocks
A total of 30 machines will be available for test riding over a road circuit of about 20 km
Access to the paddocks entitles you to follow all the track trials,
take part in the morning and afternoon laps of honour and sign up to road test the latest Guzzis
Paddock access costs 10 Euros
- The price of a 25 minutes track test session with your own motorcycle is 25 Euros
Bookings can be made directly on the Moto Guzzi website (Clic on GMG)

The Riders on the Lake

Tuesday 8th July 2003

GMG 2003 Registration
in front of Factory in Mandello

Day dedicated to visits to the “Pearls of the Lake”

Everybody aboard the motor cruiser Concordia for a day that will temporarily abandon the thrills of motorcycling for a pleasant boat ride in equally pleasant company to destinations of culture and entertainment
The Concordia will be waiting at the pier in Mandello
You will be able to find tickets at the Moto Guzzi Information Point
The day starts with a trip to Bellagio, one of the “Pearls of the Lake”, for a shopping trip to the town’s narrow streets packed with fashionable shops
Visits to view the magnificent gardens of Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi will also be arranged. Culturally oriented participants may also choose to visit sites of artistic interest like the Basilicas of San Giacomo (12th century), San Giorgio and San Martino (Romanic) and the Baroque church of San Giovanni Battista
The Concordia leaves for Varenna at about 12.00, making a round tour to allow participants to admire part of the Como coast and the upper Lario. The boat reaches Varenna around 13.00 in time for a quick lunch at the Royal Hotel. After lunch there will be a brief tour of the streets of the old town and a stroll down the lakeside "loverswalk"
Later, you can also visit the Castle of Vezio, Villa Monastero
(once a Cistercian convent and today a famous international conference centre)
or Villa Cipressi,
(a 16th century house with splendid grounds that should simply not be missed)
The Concordia returns to Mandello at the end of the day
There will be a Moto Guzzi Information Point at every landing, with plenty of illustrative material to satisfy your curiosity
Specialist guides will also be provided to accompany you on your visits
The afternoon finishes with an apéritif and music on board the Concordia
as it returns to Mandello
Cost of participation : 30 Euros

Hungry Bikers

Wednesday 9th July 2003
Day dedicated to traditional food and wine

This event is will be organised in the form of a check-point race. Participants must have their cards punched at the GUZZI Information Points that act as “check-points”, scattered among the lakes, mountains and hills in locations where the traditional food and wine of the Mandello del Lario area can be sampled
09.00 Gathering at Mandello and departure for Lierna
10.00 1st Check-Point : Arrival in Bellano, and organised visit to the Orrido
11.00 Departure from Bellano station
13.00 2nd Check-Point : Arrival in Vendrogno after a ride through the Taceno gorge with its spectacular mountain road
Lunch at a farm restaurant specialising in the food of the local valley, with musical accompaniment
16.00 Departure from Vendrogno
17.30 3rd Check-Point : Arrival in Montevecchia and continuation to the Valcurone farm restaurant to taste the wines from the farm’s own vineyards and its famous tomino cheese.
Visit to the farm’s wine cellars and wine museum
Here too, good music will be laid on while you eat and drink and any of you who have the energy will be welcome to show off your dance skills!
Return to Mandello in the evening
Cost of participation: 30 Euros



On the Roads
of the Italian Tourist Trophy

The Lario Circuit

Thursday 10th July 2003
Friday 11th July 2003

The Eagles are high in the sky

Circuito del Lario

A guided tour with pauses in the most important towns the historic race went through: Asso, Valbrona, Onno, Bellagio, Civenna, Magreglio, Barni and Lasnigo
Visit to the photographic exhibition entitled “The Lario circuit and its History”,
in the Asso Council Chambers and Civenna Civic Sports Hall
The guided tour will introduce you to the history of racing at Lario
The race itself will be re-enacted on Saturday 12th July in the Historical Re-enactment on the actual roads of the Lario Circuit
The re-enactment is reserved for competition machines

Eagles in Flight

The thrills of parascending from the mountain peaks down to the lake
The Aire Cornizzolo Parascending School will be happy to welcome any of you who want to try for yourselves the thrills of a descent with an instructor in a two seat parascender
This unforgettable experience is guaranteed to give you a completely different view
of the Lario Triangle !

Evening Events


Tuesday 8th July 2003


Friday 11th July 2003

Not just biking …

Mandello’s lido will host the “Eagles’ Beach” party every day from the 8th to the 11th July
The party starts at 16.00 and will provide plenty of good music, a happy hour and animation
The Motor Guzzi factory will also open its gates on the same days, from the 8th to the 11th July between 19.00 and 23.00. Visitors will be able to eat in the works canteen, visit the factory Museum, buy the latest items of Guzzi accessories and clothing from the Guzzi Shop and have a drink in the Guzzi bar, just in front of the famous Wind Tunnel
On the evening of Thursday 10th July, Davide Van De Sfroos will be in concert in the outdoor park of the Lario Exhibition Centre in Erba (Como)
(The first 1000 GMG participants to book accommodation through the Lecco Tourism Consortium will receive a free ticket)


Saturday 5th July 2003


Sunday 13th July 2003

The Eagles and the Italian Kitchen

GMG evenings will also be remembered for the “Eagles at Table” event which will last for the duration of the GMG International Meeting. This unique cooking competition is designed to let GMG participants choose the best dish dedicated to Moto Guzzi
More than 40 restaurants have already signed up to take part and will be preparing special dishes named after one of Guzzi’s famous motorcycles
Participating restaurants are located all over the Lario area. The event will see legendary names like Lodola, Alce, Falcone, etc., associated not only with the bikes of the past but also with some very special flavours of the present day

Historical Re-enactment
of the Lario Circuit

Saturday 12th July 2003

The Historical Re-enactment of the Lario Circuit

will take place on Saturday 12th July, starting at 10.00, following the very roads that made the Italian Tourist trophy famous between the years 1921 to 1939
The roads will be closed off for the duration of this exceptional event which is reserved for competition motorcycles. The event will re-enact the races that drew crowds
of over 100,000 spectators to the roads around Lario 60 years ago
The re-enactment will finish at 18.00 but its keynote will occur at 13.30 in Bellagio, when Ivano Beggio, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moto Guzzi, will send riders off on the second section of this legendary circuit. Moto Guzzi won more victories than any other manufacturer over the years during which racing took place at Lario



M andello Open House

Saturday 12th July 2003


Sunday 13th July 2003

The Guzzis come home

The final weekend of the GMG International Meeting is scheduled to let you spend all day in the company of Moto Guzzi
The Factory will be open on Saturday until 19.00 and on Sunday until 17.00. Visitors will be allowed access to the entire plant, including the new engine assembly line, the new Style Centre, and of course the Museum and the Wind Tunnel
- Exhibition of the complete range of models
- Saturday 22.00: fireworks display
Saturday evening will continue until late on the beach in the company of Radio GMG
Sunday morning from 10.00 to 12.30 will see an event dedicated to the Moto Guzzi World Club. The individual and group prize giving ceremonies will also take place at the same time.
The prize giving ceremonies will close the GMG 2003 International Meeting. Anybody who feels like it can then say “See you again in 2004” with the Grand Finale beach and water party, again in the company of Radio GMG